GUI and Control Application for AMT SSA 1000 Stress Analyzer

SSA 1000 Stress Analyzer

The SSA 1000 is a Mechanical testing platform developed by Advanced Manufacturing Techniques located in upstate New York. This device is designed to be both dependable and durable. SSA enables students to perform material and structural strength testing in the same manner found at the college level – a perfect experience for inclusion in the student portfolio. Measuring forces up to 1000 lbs the SSA displays real time data measuring force and deflection of towers, bridges, and tensile samples. This stress-strain relationship curve allows students to analyze and describe the performance of samples using college level concepts and vocabulary – an essential experience for college and career readiness.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques contacted Endeavos Innovations to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) and control application for SSA 1000. Endeavos Innovations used National Instruments Labview platform to develop the graphical user interface and control software for SSA 1000.




Here is a video of SSA software in actual use.

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