Mechanical Design, Analysis & Simulation Experts

We Create Structural & Machine Designs & High Fidelity Simulations To Predict and Improve Real-World Performance

Mechanical Design

Conceptual Design, Material Selection, Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, Detailed Design, Failure Mode Analysis, more...

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Finite Element Analysis

FEA Structural Mechanics, Multi-body Dynamics, Crash and Impact Analysis, Bolted Connections, Seals, Buckling, Thermal-Structural, more...

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Thermal Fluid Systems, Heat Transfer Analysis. Flow in porous media, Seals for gas/steam turbines, valve CFD analysis, Internal combustion engines, more...

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System Modeling

Multi-Domain Modeling of Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal & Fluid system components. Complete System Modeling including Flight & Ground vehicle dynamics, Machines and Rotor dynamics.

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Evaluation & Optimization

Sensitivity Analysis, Design of Experiments (DOE), Single & Multi-Objective Optimization, Design for 6-sigma.

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Test Rigs & Automation Systems

Prototype fabrication, DAQ Hardware & Software Implementation for Testing.

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