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“I was very impressed with the creativity and engineering workflow of Endeavos. They have deep knowledge of developing complex simulation models at multiple levels from lumped parameter to very detailed FEM. They worked well with our internal staff and made valuable contributions that helped our R&D project move along seamlessly amid tight deadlines. Due to their collaborative working style, I am happy to consider them an extension of our engineering team.”
 Alex Kagan P.E., Principal Engineer, GE Global Research Center
Endeavos worked on the simulation of a Corvette brake rotor analysis for my company AMT Motorsport, Inc. I wanted to ensure the safety and structural integrity of a redesigned rotor hat for our 2-piece racing rotor design. The analysis was impressive and the results were very clearly explained to a non-engineer like myself, and provided actionable data on how to improve the effectiveness of our design.
Mark Petronis, President/Owner, AMT  Precision Manufacturing & AMT Motorsport, Inc. 
“Endeavos has provided creative engineering solutions on several of my projects, always backed by solid analysis results.  Whether the challenge is in mechanical design or detailed finite element analysis, they have demonstrated reliability in meeting schedules, communicating clearly, and exceeding expectations. Based on my first-hand experience working with Endeavos, I will continue to engage them for future engineering support.
 Norman Turnquist, Senior Principal Engineer, GE Global Research Center

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