Multi-Domain System Dynamics Modeling

We have the capability of modeling complete dynamical systems involving multi-domain physical models such as electro-mechanical, thermo-fluid dynamics, aeromechanical, continuous and discrete systems etc. Simulation of system dynamics is essential for overall performance evaluation and optimization as well as for generating loading conditions for subsystems, such as structural loads. System models can also be used to develop and test control algorithms.

Examples include:

  • Vehicle dynamics: (flight, ground, marine)
  • Entire power plants such as wind turbines
  • Machines such as engines, pumps and gearboxes
  • Thermo fluids and pipe flow system models
  • Electro-mechanical & Automation Systems
  • Discrete State & event based models such as production systems.


  • Develop analytical system models using first principles. We augment lumped parameter system models using high fidelity FEA and CFD analysis to obtain appropriate transfer functions or performance maps for lookup tables.
  • Modular assembly of system models using Matlab/Simulink. Each module can be updated for future reuse as technology evolves.
  • Global Optimization to improve overall system-level performance such as fuel burn, range, energy production, etc.
  • A technical report outlining the entire modeling process and complete technology transfer to our client.