Zaeem Khan, Ph.D.,    (Founder and President)

Dr. Khan is responsible for managing the operations of Endeavos Innovations Inc. He has over 22 years of experience performing and supervising engineering analysis. He has previously held R&D position at GE Global Research where he worked on a variety of engineering projects ranging from bio-medical devices to wind turbines. His expertise includes modeling and simulation of structures and dynamical systems involving Multiphysics (aero, structural, & thermal), design optimization, finite element analysis, conceptual and detailed design.

Key interests: Airborne Wind Energy, Circular Economy, Mechatronics and Digital Fabrication.




Murat Ozmusul, Ph.D.   (Principal Consultant)

Dr. Murat is a senior consultant. He is a mechanical engineer with more than 23 years of experience in the R&D industry. His expertise is in brush seals, steam turbines and mechanical design of test rigs. He was formerly a co-founder of SDM research and engineering based in Turkey and the founder of Pro-Solutions US engineering company. He has several high profile projects under his belt including multiple patents.



Gerald Reidenbaugh, (Mechanical Design Engineer)

Jay Reidenbaugh has over 26 years of mechanical design and manufacturing experience. He has expertise in new concept development, design, analysis, project management, scheduling, estimating, simulation and optimization. He is a great team player with excellent problem-solving, time management, and organizational abilities when faced with complex multi-disciplinary engineering projects.


Julien Bouget (Business Development Advisor – Wind Technology Initiatives)

Julien Bouget is responsible for business development and the implementation of new technology initiatives in wind energy. He is a technically credentialed, experienced renewable energy specialist with close to 20 years of experience working from inception to operation on wind projects worldwide. His responsibilities have included project development, construction management, non-recourse project finance, operation, and maintenance, as well as operational project performance assessment.

Based on this wide array of technical knowledge, Julien has a proven ability to lead thorough due diligence of projects and portfolios at different stages (early development, late-stage development, under construction, or operational) in support of project valuation, acquisition, and financing.

Driven by the feeling of urgency to act on climate change, Julien has dedicated his career and his adult life to the success of renewable energy. He started as a technical advisor to the Secretary of Energy of New Caledonia for renewable energy and energy efficiency policy development, then joined the private industry and contributed to or led the development, financing, construction, operation, or acquisition of over 50 wind projects in over 15 countries on all continents.

He is a great team player with constructive curiosity. He has an aptitude and willingness to teach and convey complex concepts in clear messages while also listening to team members and learning from everyone.