Test Rigs & Automation Systems

We are proud of our virtual prototyping capabilities, however, complex modeling & simulations might not the be best approach in all cases. This is especially true in later phases of product development when more fidelity is needed than offered by computer simulations. We are in the process of building state of the art prototyping, instrumentation and testing services for materials, mechanical and electromechanical systems.

We provide the best course of action requiring minimum time and resources. We currently offer the following services:

Instrumentation & Data Acquisition

We offer complete instrumentation services ranging from low cost data acquisition to standalone measurement systems. We primarily use National Instrument LabVIEW but we can also build Simulink XPC target applications.

Test rig and fixture design

Complete mechanical and structural design of test rigs and fixtures.

Prototype & Test rig fabrication

  • CNC for machining soft metals and plastics up to 1000mm X 1000mm X 54mm. We are currently in the process of adding additional CNC capabilities.
  • Suite of wood & metal working tools including drill press, Kreg jig system for joinery, circular saw, jig saw, scroll saw, router and sander.
  • 3D printing capability.