CFD services topics includes:

  • Thermal-Fluid systems
  • Seals for gas/steam turbine (brush seal, labyrinth seal, honeycomb seal, cloth seal)
  • Flow in porous media
  • In-cylinder combustion for internal combustion engine
  • Water turbines
  • Heat exchangers
  • More …



Thermal-Fluid System Design and Analysis

  • The design starts with basic thermal-fluid equations once the pre-conceptual design is produced from ideas.
  • The use of analytical equations is important by making some acceptable simplifications as the design geometry permits.
  • CFD analyses are needed for design optimization before deciding a prototype manufacturing and testing.
  • CFD is just an effective tool that shows thermal-flow behavior of the system as if the system is being tested.
  • CFD shows temperature/pressure/flow fields in any point of design domain without disturbing the flow/thermal system.



Some of CFD practices:

  • Honeycomb seal CFD analysis
  • Brush seal CFD analysis
  • Labyrinth seal CFD analysis
  • Cloth seal CFD analysis
  • Gate valve CFD analysis
  • Banki water turbine CFD analysis
  • CFD analysis of ROT for ORC (Radial Outflow Turbine for Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • 3D in-cylinder combustion in internal combustion engine