Mechanical Design, Analysis & Simulation Experts

We are experts in design and analysis of structures and machines, especially mechanical joints. This includes but not limited to bolted, bonded, riveted, welded, soldered, seals and gasket joints. We also provide extensive testing and validation services

Mechanical Design

Conceptual Design, Material Selection, Design for Manufacturing & Assembly, Detailed Design, Failure Mode Analysis, more...

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Finite Element Analysis

FEA Structural Mechanics, Multi-body Dynamics, Crash and Impact Analysis, Bolted Connections, Seals, Buckling, Thermal-Structural, more...

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Thermal Fluid Systems, Heat Transfer Analysis. Flow in porous media, Seals for gas/steam turbines, valve CFD analysis, Internal combustion engines, more...

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System Modeling

Multi-Domain Modeling of Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal & Fluid system components. Complete System Modeling including Flight & Ground vehicle dynamics, Machines and Rotor dynamics.

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Evaluation & Optimization

Sensitivity Analysis, Design of Experiments (DOE), Single & Multi-Objective Optimization, Design for 6-sigma.

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Test Rigs & Automation Systems

Prototype fabrication, DAQ Hardware & Software Implementation for Testing.

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